Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
Polycode::AddressA typical network address, defined by IP and port
Polycode::BezierCurveA Bezier curve
Polycode::BezierPathTweenTweens a position along a bezier path
Polycode::BezierPointA curve point defined by 3 positions
Polycode::BoneSkeleton bone
Polycode::BoneAssignmentBone assignment
Polycode::CameraCamera in a 3D scene
Polycode::ColorStores and manipulates color information
Polycode::ConfigSaves and loads simple config files
Polycode::CoreThe main core of the framework
Polycode::CoreInputUser input event dispatcher
Polycode::CoreServicesGlobal services singleton
Polycode::DataStores, saves and loads data
Polycode::EntityBase class for both 2D and 3D objects in Polycode
Polycode::EventEvent base class
Polycode::EventDispatcherCan dispatch events
Polycode::EventHandlerCan handle events from EventDispatcher classes
Polycode::FontManagerManages fonts
Polycode::ImageAn image in memory
Polycode::InputEventEvent dispatched by CoreInput
Polycode::JoystickInfoJoystick info
Polycode::MaterialManagerManages loading and reloading of materials, textures and shaders
Polycode::Matrix44x4 Matrix
Polycode::MeshA polygonal mesh
Polycode::ObjectBasic dictionary data object
Polycode::ObjectEntrySingle entry in an Object
Polycode::ParticleEmitterParticle emitter base
Polycode::PeerA network actor that can send and receive data
Polycode::Perlin2D Perlin noise
Polycode::PolygonA polygon structure
Polycode::QuaternionRotation quaternion
Polycode::RectangleBasic rectangle
Polycode::RenderDataArrayRender data array
Polycode::RendererProvides low-level settings for the main renderer
Polycode::ResourceBase class for resources
Polycode::ResourceManagerManages loading and unloading of resources from directories and archives
Polycode::Scene3D rendering container
Polycode::SceneEntity3D base entity
Polycode::SceneLabel3D text label
Polycode::SceneLight3D light source
Polycode::SceneLine3D line class
Polycode::SceneMesh3D polygonal mesh instance
Polycode::SceneParticleEmitter3D particle emitter
Polycode::ScenePrimitive3D primitive mesh
Polycode::SceneRenderTextureRenders scenes to texture
Polycode::SceneSoundCreates a positional 3D sound
Polycode::SceneSoundListenerCreates a positional 3D sound listener
Polycode::Screen2D rendering base
Polycode::ScreenEntity2D Entity base
Polycode::ScreenImage2D screen image display
Polycode::ScreenLabel2D screen label display
Polycode::ScreenLineA 2D line between two points or two ScreenEntity instances
Polycode::ScreenManager2D Screen manager
Polycode::ScreenMesh2D Mesh
Polycode::ScreenParticleEmitter3D particle emitter
Polycode::ScreenShape2D primitive
Polycode::ScreenSoundCreates a positional 2D sound
Polycode::ScreenSoundListenerCreates a positional 2D sound listener
Polycode::ScreenSpriteAnimated 2D image sprite
Polycode::ServerA network server, accepting incoming connections and keeping track of connected clients
Polycode::Skeleton3D skeleton
Polycode::SkeletonAnimationSkeleton animation
Polycode::SoundLoads and plays a sound
Polycode::SoundManagerControls global sound settings
Polycode::StringUnicode-friendly string
Polycode::ThreadedAn easy way to create threaded processes
Polycode::TimerA timer that dispatches trigger events
Polycode::TweenTween animation class
Polycode::Vector22D Vector (convenience wrapper around Vector3)
Polycode::Vector33D Vector class
Polycode::VertexA mesh vertex